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The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan

ISBN 978-1-84854-876-3

I’ve often wondered what it would be like for someone from the past to suddenly find themselves in our time. Much would depend on when, and from what environment they came.

This book has a US Massachusetts judge called Jeremiah, who fell overboard in 1906 into freezing sea, and who quickly became part of an iceberg, being unfrozen by a group of scientists, including the heroine Kate Philo. Its a very human kind of love story. The author is gentle and empathetic when dealing with (most) of his characters, and the theme is dealt with intelligently. Kiernan is very good at clearly describing scenes and situations, as well as different personalities. It’s very much a book about people and their relationships, but also remains remains an enjoyable page-turner.

I highly recommended it.


The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

ISBN 978-0-85720-543-8

900 Jews holding out against the Romans on a mountain in a place known as Masada. This story is about the two woman and five children who survived.

The author manages to bring the characters and the situation into raw, awe inspiring life. She combines historical detail, life, drama, and magic in a book that I can only fully recommend you read.

After reading the book I wanted to visit Masada. It’s a place I’d heard about as a child, but never given much thought to. Like so many of the best books of this sort,  one of its strengths is that it is primarily about people, but also full of detail on the situation in the middle east in that time.