Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (CDs)

…actually, a book I’ve heard. I’ve just spent the last week’s trips to work and back listening to Neil Gaiman’s “Graveyard Book”, read by Neil Gaiman (ISBN 978-0-7475-0076-0).

It was thoroughly entertaining and brilliantly read. I’ve listened to a number of books read by famous actors and Gaiman’s reading ability is easily right up there with the best actors. Like all his works, he goes a little further than most, including music, with jacket art by Chris Riddell.

It’s all about Nobody Owens, a normal boy raised by ghosts in a graveyard.


One response to “Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (CDs)

  1. Hey Dude,

    Cool review. As a bookworm of note, I usually inhabit paper-and-paste books rather than audio. But your review is tantalising. Perhaps I’ll cosy up to a CD or MP3 sometime soon. Indeed, Neil Gaiman is marvellous. It’s interesting that he’s so versatile too.

    This worm approves the clean theme of your blog 😉 I mean your WordPress theme of course.

    I am honoured to be the first to add a comment on your inaugural blog post.

    Your fellow book lover
    Mark Wordsworm
    The Travelling Worm

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